2016 award eligibility post



This is my yearly award eligibility post!

It has absolutely everything I wrote that I could think of, but I’d like to emphasize Standing on the Floodbanks, a novelette, and Given Sufficient Desperation, a short story. The latter was published in the Defying Doomsday anthology and is not available online, but I’m happy to send you a copy if you are reading for this year’s awards – leave a comment with your email and the file can head your way. I am also glad to send anything else that’s not currently available online.




Standing on the Floodbanks. GigaNotoSaurus, 2016 November. Ed. Rashida J. Smith. Approx. 12,000 words.
– Quasi-medieval, quasi-Hungarian fantasy inspired by present-day politics and the 2013 flooding of the Danube. Magical mentorship and a critical take on mages’ guild tropes.

“It’s a lovely story with a strong emotional core wrapped in a complex fantasy situation of magic, politics, and corruption, and it’s one hell of a read.”
– Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews


Short story


Given Sufficient Desperation. Defying Doomsday anthology, ed. Tsana Dolichva and Holly Kench. Approx. 3100 words.
– A YA SF story involving alien invasion, neuroimaging, and a take on warfare… and dyspraxia.

“The apocalypse here is so delightfully layered […] In a short space Takács manages to pack in not only character development for the protagonist but also an entire plot about the Earth being destroyed, colonized and liberated.”
– Marina Berlin, Strange Horizons

“Touching, yet with dry humor, this story had the perfect amount of oddity for me, plus great speculation on communication with aliens.”
– Daniel, Skiffy and Fanty

Toward the Luminous Towers. Clarkesworld, Sep 2016. Ed. Neil Clarke. Approx. 3900 words.
– An extremely grim anti-war SF story about the lengths people sometimes need to go to in order to escape a horrible situation. Also with technical bits about neuroplasticity!

“It’s dark and cautionary, exploring the lengths to which a person can be exploited in the name of protecting their “people”.”
– T. Regina, Books & Such

Good People in a Small Space. Self-pub, Nov 2016. Approx. 2300 words.
– This was the reward for my first Patreon goal. It is a fluffy and feelgood story set in my continuity, the Eren universe. (Toward the Luminous Towers is set in a very different corner.)


Flash fiction


These are eligible for the short fiction category of most awards, but you are probably better off nominating my longer work. They are here for the sake of completeness! 😀

All Talk of Common Sense. Polychrome Ink Volume 3, ed. Em Salgado. Approx. 1050 words.
– A fantasy flash story with an autistic protagonist and palace intrigue. You can also get this one if you sign up for my Patreon, and it’s set in the same continuity as the Floodbanks novelette above!

Shovelware. Nature Futures, ed. Colin Sullivan. Approx. 950 words.
– A near-future hard SF story about software development and lucid dreaming. + Bonus notes

The Merry Knives of Interspecies Communication. Angels of the Meanwhile, ed. Alexandra Erin. Approx. 200 words.
– A microfiction piece involving masochism in space.


Short poem


Marginalia to Eiruvin 45b. Bracken Magazine, ed. Alina Rios.
– A Talmudically inspired magical-realist poem.

I had three more poems published, but they are not speculative in nature:

Never Cease. Spelling the Hours, ed. Rose Lemberg.
– A poem about Péter Rózsa, a Hungarian Jewish woman mathematician who also wrote popular science.

Rays of Light, Stretching. Iowa City Poetry in Public.
– A tiny poem about immigration. (Page 18 in the pdf.)

Periodicity. Little Village.
– A poem about the rise of the extreme right in Hungary, and the spring flood. + Bonus notes


Best Fan Writer


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